In a world covered with mist, where the sun and the moon are nothing but a myth, the vegetal world is rebelling against humankind. Three children embark on a journey to bring back the light.

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“The Perfect Queen” is gaslamp fantasy comic, set in a post fossil energy universe. The world is a mess, lots of things must be fixed. It’s about children wanting to turn that broken world into a better place, but the weight of the task pushes hard on their little shoulders.

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Freed philosopher
        Binding the living
For a wounded sky
          And a bloom forbid

Never ending clouds
       Never ending cold
Three broken children
      And a woven soul


Perfect Queen is a weekly webcomic currently in development. The launch is planned for 2nd quarter of 2017. To find out more about the progression of the comic and some exclusive information, please visit my Patreon page.



In the meantime, you can read Sky Rover, my other webcomic.


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